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01-11-2020 – 03-14-2020 | R E I T E R Leipzig

Lars Bjerre

The Robbery, 1914

On a late evening in the middle of July 1914, a robbery is being planned.

Robber 1: “In London the peoples' moustaches are rather ginger coloured!”

Robber 2: “Of course they are. Do we have three of them?”

Robber 3: “We've got plenty. Have a look in the box, over there.”

Robber 2: “I found three good ones.”

Robber 3: “There is no way all three of us will wear ginger coloured ones. I want a black moustache!”

Robber 1: “They will be moving the crown from Saint Petersburg to Moscow next week. We really need to…”

Robber 2: “...don’t they wear their moustaches in Moscow with a bigger curl than in Saint Petersburg?”

Robber 3: “I’m not sure.”

Comprising a new series of paintings and ceramics, the exhibition “The Robbery, 1914” by Danish artist Lars Bjerre presents sequences of a robbery of crown
jewels. The exhibition opens for the winter tour of the SpinnereiGalleries.

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