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08-01-2020 – 09-12-2020 | R E I T E R Leipzig

  • Christian Holze

Nothing New

opening on Saturday 1 August 12 - 7 PM
07-03-2020 – 08-15-2020 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

  • Claus Georg Stabe
  • Tiziana Jill Beck

You and me we are never of one opinion, but we agree on a beautiful sunset, can’t we?

opening: Friday, 3 July 4 - 9 pm | Saturday, 4 July 11 am - 7 pm […] Despite stylistic differences in their works, historical texts provide a starting point for both Tiziana Jill Beck and Claus Georg Stabe - it is an incentive for drawing and influences both methodology and pictorial…
04-28-2020 – 07-11-2020 | R E I T E R Leipzig


everchanging group show

Our group show »AFK« (Away From Keyboard) marks the time when art returns from virtual to physical space. It is an ever-changing exhibition with a varying and evolving artist participation. In this way, different perspectives and new influences will constantly change the overall view, similar to…
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