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Clemens Tremmel

Tremmel's landscapes first appear in a more historical style of painting that symbolises place and longing for perfection in a large-scale format. Firstly, Tremmel presents the complex romantic order of the world as universal poetry, which is then painstakingly and rapidly removed. In the sawing out, over-shading, over-painting and elimination of pictorial parts, he erases the pathetic panorama and introduces an image of imperfection. The landscapes are only partly indicated by the punctual emergence of the light and through the energetic, expressive and radiant colors.
The deliberate elimination of the central perspective extends itself from the history of art to the world. Overcoming the destruction of holism reflects the old and the new world and makes the old masters come to new terms and values.

In addition to large-scale works, smaller format paintings are also created on a variation of supports such as metal and plastic, which are compact, irregular and abstract structures with a high-gloss surface. They are left as ‘deus ex machina’ in the emergence of the extreme acting forces: the heat, their materiality, and the unpredictable action of their energies.

Tremmel does not only claim the pendulum movement of creation and destruction: the counter-movements here are bound together through the interaction between concrete pre-existing nature and abstraction. The process of transgression and re-creation is made possible in the works through that standstill moment just before the break. Titles such as »Erscheinung« (»appearance«), »Ausbruch« (»eruption«), »Erlösung« (»redemption«) and »Entladung« (»discharge«) testify to the moment of exaggeration. Clemens Tremmel has created a striking world for an image standstill.


born in Eisenhüttenstadt
studies of fine arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
diploma in fine arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
master-class pupil with Prof. Ralf Kerbach
Clemens Tremmel works and lives in Leipzig

exhibitions (selection)

»Archipel« R E I T E R | Leipzig (K)
»In The Making« R E I T E R | Berlin prospect (G)
»ekstasis« Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz
»paint euphoria« maerzgalerie Leipzig (G)
»Still Stand« maerzgalerie, Berlin
»Immer aber wird die Landschaft das belebte Geschöpf bestimmen...« City Gallery, Kunstverein Wolfsburg (G)
»Im Inneren der Stadt/ Call for Posters« Project, Museum Weserburg, Bremen (G)
»Präpositionen/ Hegenbarth Stipendium 2014« Städtische Galerie, Dresden (G)
»Nichts« Galerie Brüderstraße, Görlitz
»Abzocken ohne Anzuecken« HFBK Oktogon, Dresden (G)
»Deus ex machina« widmertheodoris, Eschlikon. Switzerland
»Elementar« with Kai Klahre. maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»Dresdner Wald« Galerie Emila Filly, Usti nad Labem. Czech Republic (G)
»Masters Revisited« maerzgalerie, Leipzig (G)
»Aus Gutem Grund« widmertheodoris, Eschlikon. Switzerland (G)
»Lottery« Galerie M2A. Dresden (G)
»geradezu momentan« Oktogon, Dresden (G)
»Ur« Morgen Contemporary, Berlin
»Very, very, wär ich eine Taube« Scotty Enterprises, Berlin (G)
»Irreversibel« maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»Caspar-David-Friedrich-Preis 2013 / Clemens Tremmel« C.D.F. Zentrum, Greifswald
»Between Loss and Refusal« Morgen Contemporary, Berlin
»Clemens Tremmel« BAT CampusGalerie, Bayreuth (C)
»Shape the Scape« Widmer+Theodoridis contemporary, Zurich. Switzerland (G)
»Schools of Art Dresden« Manchester School of Art, Manchester. UK (G)
»VIELZUVIEL« Galerie Baum auf dem Hügel, Berlin (G)
»Friendly Takeover« Kunsthaus, Dresden (G)
»ID_AL«, quatier-feine Künste, Lübeck
»Zwischenuns« Epicentro artspace, Berlin (G)
»Der Vater hat's verboten!« Galerie Adam Ziege, Dresden
»Das Beste aus 15 Jahren« Kunst & consense, Frankfurt am Main (G)
»Hans Peter's Gemischtwaren« Galerie Fischladen, Dresden (G)
»Das unwahrscheinlich Hässliche« Barcsay Saal, Budapest. Hungary (G)
»Eruption« Galerie art-cooperation, Hamburg
»Zwischen Welten« Kunst & consense, Frankfurt am Main
»e.v. Nachwuchspreis« Galerie im Malzhaus, Plauen (G)
(G) group exhibition (C) catalogue


Hegenbarth Grant
Grant from BAT CampusGalerie, Bayreuth
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Clemens Tremmel News

»dypt« (detail) 2016, oil on polycarbonate, 100 x 140cm
02-20-2019 – 04-07-2019

  • Clemens Tremmel

"New entries of contemporary art in the Kunstfonds 2018" Representation of the Free State of Saxony to the Federal Government . Berlin . exhibition participation . Opening on 19.2. 7pm

»Vindur« 2018, oil on aluminium, 150 x 200cm
11-23-2018 – 11-25-2018

  • Clemens Tremmel

»salondergegenwart« Grosse Bleichen 34 . Hamburg . exhibition participation

Clemens Tremmel »elementar« 2018
11-23-2018 – 11-25-2018

  • Clemens Tremmel

Just in time for the solo exhibition "roh" by Clemens Tremmel in Leipzig, a new catalogue book has been published and is available from us or the publishing house MMKoehn.

»dýpt« 2016, oil on Polycarbonat, 100 x 140cm
06-09-2018 – 07-01-2018

  • Clemens Tremmel

»Win/ Win« the purchases by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen 2018 . Halle 14 . Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig . exhibition participation

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