REITER galleries
04-27-2017 – 06-29-2017 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

  • Dan Stockholm

Don't think about death

The concept of Danish artist Dan Stockholm’s solo show »Don’t think about death« started through the friendship between himself and Syrian artist, Nourhan Sondok. The two met on social media, and from behind their screens in Copenhagen and in Damascus, their correspondence has led to several…
04-22-2017 – 08-06-2017 | R E I T E R Leipzig

  • Sebastian Neeb

You won't believe what happens next - Manipulation durch Entertainment II

Humour fills the void in a serious, vain and money oriented art world.Sebastian Neeb uses a combination of both intelligent irony and artistic quality in his works, which is rarely found at present. Philosophical ambitions are brought together with brilliantly mastered craftsmanship skills from…